About me

As I have said in my introduction…. 

I’m a college student taking BS Psychology.

I’m a proud Filipina.

Personality: depends. I’m more likely a chameleon sometimes. But, I’m moody and more an introvert person. I’m friendly and funny (sometimes).

What should we call you?: You can call me Mei.

Birthday: February 21

Current School: Manila Tytana Colleges formerly, Manila Doctors College

Relationship Status: I’m single and happy. (sounds like a bitter person! LOLs)

Hobbies: Singing, writing, daydreaming, reading, watching

What do I read? Hmm. mostly, novels. Fiction novels and Romance. I also read manga.

What do I watch? Kdrama and Anime but I also watch movies. :))

Mei as a Student: Just a normal student like others. I know when to be serious and not. I know my priorities and I’m one of those student who wants their work to finish before hand. I’m also an active member of many organizations.  

Mei as a daughter: I’m just a typical one. Responsible but, most of the time I’m not an obedient one although, I’m trying to lessen that times. 🙂 I’m respectful, caring and loving but, sometimes I don’t know how to show it. 

Mei as a friend: always there for you. 🙂 I’m bully sometimes to those who I am close to but, I think it’s how I show to them that we’re close and that I love them. HAHA. I’m supportive, helpful, trustworthy, and straightforward.

Mei as a citizen: I’m just like other people. I mean I follow the laws but, I dream to change the world especially the system of some government officials

Mei as a person:  I’m simple. I’m not that type of person who talks to people first but, when you become my friend you’ll know who I really am. I’m selfless according to a Psychological Report but, I think now I’m not that selfless like before. Why? Because I realize that sometimes you need to think about yourself but, of course, you need to be sensitive to the people around you. I doubt my abilities most of the time but then, I think I’m not that bad. HAHA. 

Dreams and Goals:  Well, I have many dreams and goals in life. I want to be a Cum Laude but, I think it’s now impossible to happen so, at least I want to graduate with a good grades. I want to be a writer mostly, about teenagers and life. Even though, it will be only publish on sites but, I also want to publish at least one book. I want to learn how to play guitar and piano. I also want to take other courses maybe, something connected to writing and psychology, of course. 

Is psychology your first choice of course?: No. Actually, since a child I want to take courses to become an astronaut because I want studying the universe and planets but then, as I grew up I know it’s impossible here in the Philippines. So, upon realizing that I want to become a teacher until one of my teacher inspire me to take Psychology. He’s good and a very great teacher because of him I started wondering why people are like this, like that…. why do they act like this or that in these situations, etc… That’s how I ended up taking this course. 

What are the pen names you use?: AmaterasuMhe/nomdeplume21 (Ms.A)

Message to readers: Hi everyone! Thank you for reading my reviews and for visiting this blog. I know I’m not that good in writing in English and also in critiquing those books, films, and mangas but, I’ll do my best to be knowledgeable to have a better reviews. These reviews are purely my opinion so, if somehow I offended your point of view, I’m sincerely sorry. On the other hand,  I’m welcome to your comments and I’m willing to help you if you need one. You’re all welcome to be my friends. :)) You yeah, don’t be too shy to me. You’re also welcome to read my own work at wattpad (although mostly were written in Tagalog and I’m just beginning to write stories you’re still welcome!) Be updated? Just like my facebook page…. 🙂 We can talk there. Again, thank you and God bless us all. 

Want to know me more? 

You can message me or you can post here:

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/darkangel.artemis?ref=hl 

Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/user/nomdeplume21

Twitter: askMei_TGP

Thank You!



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