A Dinner with a Perfect Stranger: David Gregory

Published March 26, 2013 by nomdeplume21


This book can really inspire and enlighten people about God. It can answer your questions. I really admire the author of this book for making this. It helps you to know and be more closer to God. This book is not just a book but something deeper than anyone can imagine.

Some of the lines that struck me the most:

“You don’t want what you’re ultimately trusting to be wrong”. – Jesus

“No one is good enough to make it to heaven. No one can ever be good enough, no matter how hard they try.” -Jesus

“Humanity’s separation from God is much more profound than people realize.” – Jesus

“People were meant to have God’s very life in them.” – Jesus

“Sometimes….it takes deep hurts for people to feel their need for God.” – Jesus

and many more…. Read it guys, it’s worth reading…

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March 26, 2013



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